Mistress Victoria Vixen

Mistress Victoria Vixen

Phone: (512)422-0290
Email: mistressvvixen@gmail.com
Website: www.mistressvictoriavixen.com

I am Mistress Victoria Vixen. Formerly of Austin, Texas I now reside in Dublin, Ireland.

I’m a beautiful authentic Southern Texas lady. Charming, witty, playful, hilarious, engaging, both interesting and interested, a lover of art, books, food, life and an absolute adventuress.

I embody the look of the classic, curvaceous ‘all-American’ girl-next-door, complete with blonde, flowing hair, a perky demeanor, and a dazzling smile.

Behind my sweet smile lurks the dark soul of a genuine sadist. I love using my charm to get what I want. All of my life I have lured both men and women alike, deep into my web until it is far too late for them. Trapped, they find themselves hopelessly wrapped around my finger, and entirely at my mercy.

I delight in using my soft and lovely body to seduce you, while I use my wicked humor to abuse you.

I enjoy watching you lust over me while, I force you to bend to my will.

I love laughing while, I inflict terrible punishments on your body and mind.

I want to put you in challenging predicaments and watch you struggle.

I take pleasure in training you to be my perfect slave or my most prized little floozy.


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