I am not your ordinary escort and this will not be a typical one-dimensional encounter. As an empathetic Scorpio I have a compelling need to both nurture and protect those whom I care about. A caretaker at heart, I strive to live an authentic life and am only interested in making honest, genuine connections with those seeking an experience that stimulates and revitalizes on every level. While physical sensations can be amazingly powerful they’re not even half of the intimacy equation. I believe in savoring each and every moment, be it a shared laugh over dinner or my breath on your neck, whispering something private into your ear…

I graduated from a well-regarded University where I studied everything from Physics & Russian to Government & History. A voracious reader my literary tastes run the gamut – there’s no telling what books are in my bag/in my nightstand. Being naturally inquisitive, it’s no surpise I prefer the company of someone older (and wiser) than myself – someone as passionate as they are successful at their chosen endeavors.

While I’m nothing if not poised, I should make it clear that my silly side just may be best side. Well, perhaps tied with my backside. Regardless, I will make you laugh – this is guaranteed. With an eye for details coupled with the fact that I am disarmingly attractive, my suitors often wonder aloud if I’m some kind of spy. Rest assured, I’m not. But you just might feel like you’re on an epic adventure when we’re together.

I’ve always been athletically inclined and with a good teacher I pick up new skills quickly. I adore being outdoors whether it’s hiking a trail (or perhaps something less trodden), skiing down the side of a mountain, or frolicking scantily clad in the ocean. Not much beats the feeling of warm sand between your toes with waves lapping at your legs. Feeling the sun bring a flush to my face with a breeze effortlessly tousling my hair is one of my favorite simple pleasure that life has to offer. And when it comes to pleasure, I am a connoisseur. I was blessed with an almost insatiable appetite for pleasure – both giving and receiving. As a true sensualist I believe that the ultimate source of human knowledge lies in the honest and unashamed exploration of the senses. Is there anything more thrilling or fulfillinf that taking the time to slowly and thoroughly explore your partner? Endeavoring at such a savory pace can create a bond that transcends the physical, where words are no longer reliable descriptors and your partner’s gaze says all.

From handbags and shoes to friends and paramours, I have always placed great value on quality over quantity. I prefer to take my time getting to know my suitors, opting to allow our encounters develop organically and forging a genuine connection in the process. It’s not about the destination when how you get there is the worthier part.


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