Laiken Anderson

Laiken Anderson

Phone: (210)253-6976

I am someone who understands and appreciates the little things. I am a great conversationalist and enjoy a stimulating conversation over a simple bottle of wine, and contemplating what life has to offer. In me, you will find something incredible; if that’s what you’re interested in 😉


Though, please beware for there is a dangerously humorous side to me and I can bring you to tears with my sassy – charismatic ways. I revel in creating intimate, long lasting relationships and love being an escape when the world is too much to handle.


I have been classified many things in life, I feel that each person has the ability to unlock characteristics of each person that can be hiding inside. I wonder what characteristics we will unlock out of each other?  I can say I am a very comfortable person in almost any scenario, I so I am open to almost anything that is respectful, being that I am very submissive, and my desire to please far exceeds my desire to be pleased, although I do love to be pleased.


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