Phone: (682)235-8428
Email: celtickitty@yahoo.com

A little bit about me:
I am a sweet, generous, intelligent, and thoughtful woman from South Carolina. I am educated and know a lot about plants, the body, communication and relationship dynamics. I am able to have an intelligent and interesting conversation with you OR not talk at all. I treat others how I want to be treated and I care a lot about my impact on people and their experience with me. I have skin as smooth as butter, curves like an hour glass, supple, natural breasts that make your xxxxx hard just to look at and feel so good in your hands, a pussy that is smooth, tight, and xxxxx of the ripest fruit, and and ass to die for! My bright, genuine smile will light up your day, my big, brown eyes will captivate you, my laughter will recharge your soul, and the conversation will intrigue you.

Because of how I choose to show up for you, that also means that I have high expectations of my clients. I do expect for you read my profile in it’s entirety and be fully aware of rates, menu, rules, boundaries, and what is expected of you. It is not my responsibility to make sure you know. That belongs to YOU. I desire to be treated how I treat you. I desire for you to show up here like an adult, communicate with me respectfully and as promptly as possible, show up for commitments AND on time, and to treat me like the human, woman, and adult that I am and with the energy I deserve to receive.


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