If you are reading this then you must be a gentleman with Class, Sophistication and Drive.

I have always admired a man who knows what he wants and doesnt stop until he gets it!

An elite wonder awaits your company

The elite gentleman you are craves a beauty like myself

Someone not only with great looks and a tight physique

But someone who enjoys putting together a great encounter

I would be  considered upscale  however I am as down to earth as it gets!

I have a complete go with the flow attitude. Playful, fun, genuine and discreet.

I am a former lingere and bikini model with a back ground in Holistic nutrition.My doctor once called me a healer due to the fact I have helped  many people with certain health problems. It’s my passion to help others get there health back.

I detox on a monthly basis and keep my immune system at optimal levels. I have a rigorous workout regimen that I stay consistent with which would also include eating extremely clean 100% Organic NoN GMO No Glyphosate Gluten Free China Free and Chemical free.  Check out my health blog coming soon.

Stay Healthy
To schedule a meeting please fill out my Secure Booking Form on my website:

This is the best and easiest way to schedule since it allows you to fill out all the verification needed,that way I wont have to spend your time going back and forth with emails.I have to say the gentelmen who have filled out my secure booking form are always the serious ones and therefore the ones I give priority too!

When you email me you will be greeted by Me or my Assistant Kris. She will answer any questions you may have.


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